Johnson Financial Consulting

Johnson Financial Consulting is an internationally recognized wealth management firm operating independently and headquartered in Tokyo, delivering unique and perceptive solutions to our clients around the globe. Established in 2010, over the years we have internalized and embraced a pragmatic approach, understanding that each of our clients holds different objectives and requires bespoke strategies in relation to their position.

At Johnson Financial Consulting, we offer a wide range of investment services, from asset management to retirement planning, providing a professional client-based strategy to help you reach your objectives. Our experienced team of analysts and planners deliver intelligent insight into market opportunities and help you manage your finances by increasing efficiency and through diversification of interests.

With a particular focus on Asia and its fast-developing economies, we aim to identify opportunities for our clients which we believe not only compliment your existing portfolio, but also offer long-term and stable returns. With offices around the world, we also offer access to a multitude of markets across a variety of asset classes, leveraging our vast network of industry experts to take action.

For our clients, we offer long-term support, providing ongoing assessments of markets and investments, guidance in asset management, and intelligent strategy development. Our comprehensive approach takes into consideration qualitative and quantitative factors, incorporating our analysis with market projections and investment evaluations, allowing our clients to see the full picture and make informed decisions.