Investment Solutions

Johnson Financial Consulting offers a wide range of investment approaches and services to help our clients reach their objectives. Through our planning and creation of a strategy which suits you, we evaluate areas in which to diversify your interests, seeking out investments which offer long-term and appreciable returns whilst also fortifying your revenue streams.

Our experienced advisors assess your position and determine investments using cutting-edge research and analysis and pursue opportunities which we believe will benefit your portfolio.

Targeted Return Approach

Johnson Financial Consulting offers a targeted return service for client portfolios which looks to secure returns of at least 5% to %10 of an investment, dependent upon timeframe and irrespective of current market conditions. We look to secure investments which have the potential to outperform the market and offer inherent value.


Through short-term investments, we provide clients with options which maintain liquidity whilst generating appreciable returns. Certain investments also serve to diversify your portfolio and offer returns with limited risks.


We offer access to a range of equity investments which not only possess the potential for capital appreciation but also low levels of risk.

Fixed Income

Johnson Financial Consulting’s access to a variety of fixed-income investments provide clients with steady incomes through vehicles such as bonds and exchange-traded funds.

Hedge Funds

We offer exclusive access to global hedge funds, opening up an alternative stream of returns for our clients. We provide expert advice on which fund best suits you and your strategy.